Cookie Client

Mods Integrated into the client

in our client a number of mods to use in pvp 1.8 of minecraft Mods Like Keystrokes, Cps, Freelook, TargetHUB and Music

Cosmetic Included In The Client

For now there are only layers and they are completely free for everyone

Music Mod On Client

Cookie Client Comes With A Music Mod That Only Supports 'Wav' Format To Enjoy Your Games With Music.

Cookie Client For PvP 1.8

Cookie Client For now it is only in version 1.8 of minecraft for pvp. The future we want to bring more versions

Cookie Studios

Owner | yHackCookie

I am the Official Owner and Creator of Cookie Client

Owner | SamuelPlayerMC

Owner of cookie client with the help of hackcookie let's make this a reality 😀


Cookie Discord

Te Invitamos A Uniterte A Nuestra Comunidad De Discord | Para Recibir Noticias | Nuevos Cosmeticos | Temporadas | Nuevas Verisones | Charlar Con Otra Personas DE Cookie Client


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